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Traditional Media

Finding the right balance for effective branding is more difficult than one would expect.  NMM will help you find right media mix for your customer.


Social Media

Social media has quickly found its foothold in marketing.  We can help you manage your social media accounts creating a fluid message across platforms that speaks to each individual audience.



Nine Mile Marketing can you help you navigate the ever changing world of digital advertising.  Whether it is placing digital campaigns to strategically target your customers or managing performance reports, we are here to help on any level.


Customer Retention

It cost 7 times more to sell to a NEW customer than to an existing customer.  NMM will help you keep your current customers coming back while building on a strong base. 

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Website Design

Your website if the front door to your business.  97% of consumers research online before making a purchase.  Nine Mile Marketing will design and build a site that is easy to be found, functions efficiently and meets the needs of your customers as well as your business.

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